Advertising in 'The Good Life'

If you live in Presque Isle County, you have probably seen a copy of The Good Life at local outlets. I've been delivering the paper for a few years now and am always looking for advertisers.

I enjoy representing The Good Life. When people see me coming with new copies, their faces light up. Sometimes, I'm handing them out on my way in. I've seen cashiers giggling at a funny photo or joke from the latest issue. The jokes are funny and family friendly. The same goes for the comics and drawings. There is a community calendar, community pages, and more! I've done some informal research and found that one copy of The Good Life is often shared, not only among family members, but often among friends. So, your ad has the potential to be seen by a lot more than the 13,000 copies that are delivered up and down the Sunrise Side from Tawas to the Cheboygan County line and Montmorency County.

Advertising rates are reasonable. Non-profit rates are even more reasonable. And, the cost to your potential customer is priceless. That's right, priceless! They get all of the funny, information, and your ad for free; zero pennies.

The Good Life is produced in Lincoln by Chris Rayburn. Check out the latest issue for yourself!

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