Music Lessons

I teach year round from my studio on M68 near the Ocqueoc Falls in Ocqueoc, Michigan. I am a patient teacher who has experience with people of many ages (to date: the youngest was 3 and the oldest was 86 when they started) and abilities. We have fun exploring the language of music and honing the skills necessary to sound musical. Lessons are tailored to the student. Together we innovate and create.

I have just as many adults taking lessons as I do children. I love leading an expedition for anyone who wants embark on an adventure exploring the wonderful world of music!

Here is something from the parent of two of my former students. Her daughters were among my youngest students when we started our musical journey.

"I am so glad you agreed to teach piano and then guitar to my toddler twin girls. No one else at the time felt they would be able to learn music at such a young age. The girls started reading music before they could read a book!

I firmly believe that this helped them, not just musically, but also in math and other studies. The girls are now seniors in high school. They have excelled in their school work. They already have a litany of accomplishments.

Brooke has gone on to win awards at the state level for her musical achievements. She is also her high school drum major and is in the honor band.

Both of the girls are in leadership roles in their high school music program. Sara still plays the guitar too. Over the years, they have sung, danced, played multiple instruments, been on the drum line, and have been in theatre productions.

I am thankful for the solid start that you gave them. I believe that children are most impressionable at a very young age. Your lessons gave them the gift of music that will last a lifetime!"

- Sheila Hinton


Other Areas


Individual Instruction

I currently teach Monday (including evening) through Thursday and every other Saturday morning. Individual lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are offered on a weekly basis. I accommodate work, sports, and other special schedules as much as possible. For more information, including cost, please see my student policy. You may share your time if needed or desired. Contact me for details about time sharing.

Please print out the student contact sheet and bring to your first lesson. Completing the student contact section before you attend will give us more time to devote to your first lesson!

Group Instruction

Sometimes, it's just more fun to play music in a group. So, I'm organizing opportunities to do just that! Are you retired or available during the day? I'm looking to put together daytime classes as well as after-school and evening classes for children and families who are not available during the day.

The classes listed below last 8 weeks and cost is $60 based on a minimum of 6 students. Classes meet one hour per week. Scholarships and family discounts are available. All classes can be tailored for home school groups.

To find out more about individual or group instruction, please Contact me

Community Programs

Below are the first community programs I'm offering. For a nominal fee, participants can be part of a community-based performance group.

The community programs are also available for home school groups and can be tailored to each group's needs. To find out more about these community programs or to suggest one, please contact me

Why Music?

Music has mostly disappeared from the public school curriculum, yet research bears out the fact that music is important to us as human beings and very beneficial for all of us, especially our youngest. I may not be a part of the school system, but I have a vested interest in helping our young people develop to their full potential.

Music and Young Minds, an article found at the Children's Music Workshop website, shows us how music is academic, physical, emotional, and most importantly, music is for life. The article points out quite nicely that we may not be able to play most sports by the time we reach 70 or 80 years old, but we can still actively participate in music! This is what I want for the people in my area: access to music education and playing opportunities across generations!