Why Music?

Music has been around since the dawn of time. It is one of the earliest forms of communication. It reaches humans at the most basic level and is an intrinsic part of our being. Music is powerful. It breaks down boundaries. It has the ability to unite people from diverse cultures. It is a form of communication that goes beyond words. It is a universal language.

Music isn't reserved for humans, either. Have you listened to the sounds of spring? Birds, frogs, whales, and other creatures communicate in tones we can interpret as being musical. When we listen carefully, we can often interpret the story they have to tell.

Music is creative. When you hear a piece of instrumental music, your brain is challenged to listen to and interpret the story the composer is telling. When composing, you have to decide how best to the tell the story. Even when words are present, the music must be part of the story.

Music elicits emotion and helps us process our experiences. I've always considered it 'cheap therapy.' As a teen, I would pick up my guitar and play nearly every day after school. When my parents returned home from work, they would often listen at my door to know if it was safe to enter. If I was still pounding away in a minor key, they might wait for a little while and give me the space needed to allow the music to bring me back to an even keel.

Music is important to a well-rounded human experience. No matter your age, whether as a composer, player, or listener, music helps you stay in touch with your humanity.

Research bears out that exposure to music education from an early age improves nearly every aspect of learning and fosters lifelong skills that go way beyond the classroom. Its connection to improving sports performance is undeniable. In older adults, music can be one of the best brain games. It's never too late to learn to play a musical instrument and keep those synapses firing!

I cannot think of a better way to go through life! I love sharing my passion with others as a singer/songwriter and recording artist, and as a music instructor. My audience and students span generations, so music keeps me in touch with the world in so many ways. Whether your passion is listening to music or wanting to learn how to play an instrument (or increase your skills), I am here, centrally located on the Internet and in Presque Isle County, Michigan.

Are you still here? Great! Music must be important to you, too. Which adventure should we pursue today?